Kellersvej – Gladsaxe


The area around the Lillemosegård on Kellersvej in Søborg is undergoing extensive development and will be completed by the end of 2022 as a modern housing offer for citizens with mental disabilities.  The new buildings surrounds the existing buildings and thus helps to support the desire for a unified building that appears as a village, with a characterful interior.

To create different experiences and clearly mark different places in the Village, all the urban spaces are designed differently and with different functions and experiences integrated. The difference and clarity in the marking of each individual urban space and of public, semi-public, semi-private and private zones makes the master plan clear to find your way around – especially for the benefit of people with disabilities.


Gladsaxe Kommune / Cubo Arkitekter


Copenhagen, Gladsaxe




Competition, project, sitesupervision